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Being at the Forefront of Technology

Although an important influence in our adoption of Revit as our core productivity software is the government’s stated intention that all public sector projects must be designed using BIM technology by 2016, the main reason for our use of the technology is our objective of improving the efficiency of our work. Our current experience is that when fully adopted by the design team there can be significant savings in time and improvements in the quality of the design and coordination of the information. Corde is proving that a team committed to getting the most out of the software by working in an integrated manner, can achieve significant benefits.

We are determined to be at the forefront of the implementation of the technology and to lead the way in finding innovative ways of using it. Part of our vision is that BIM needs to be fully integrated into the way that design professionals work and should not be treated as an isolated piece of software operated by technicians. We do not believe that the development of a separate breed of BIM managers and operatives is the way forward as it is likely to add more complexity into the process rather than less.

Our approach is to have our design staff working directly on the software making design decisions in an integrated way with the other disciplines. In order that this is done in an efficient manner we have to have consistent processes and accepted standards across the Corde partners. The design process needs to be managed by professionals who understand both the technology and the way that we use it.

The partnership has made a very significant investment in terms of software, hardware, training and time and it is vital that we are successful in leveraging the benefits the technology can bring. Although at this stage we still have a significant way to go, we do believe we are at the forefront of a substantial change in the way the construction industry works and our clients are beginning to realise that we, more than anyone else, know what we are doing. If we can continue our rapid progress we should begin to see significant benefits in the volume and quality of our work and the results should flow through to the bottom line and our new bonus system that will be implemented this financial year.

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